Crates, Kennels & Boxes

At Northstar Plastics, we make it easy to customize and order your dog box!. Our highly-durable dog boxes are perfect for avid hunters, outdoorsman, avid travelers, professional dog handlers, and more! Keep your dog safe with a Northstar Plastics custom dog box! 

Standard Material and Construction Details

Fabricated from 1/2" and 1/4" High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) UV stabilized plastic
White plastic stays cool to the touch while reflecting the summer heat.
Plastic does not discolor dog's coat.
Rabbet and Dado joints for alignment and stability
Plastic welded external seams for easy to clean Interior
No caulk or sealants used or required
Overlapped joints on face frame, top and bottom to provide easy lift and grab points
Raised floor panel provides a 'flexible' ride surface
Framed door opening contains bedding and spills
Extremely resistant to dents, deforming or breaking if mishandled or dropped.

 Base Price features include

Solid Panel Vented Doors
Stainless Steel, Fold Flat, Lockable, T-Handle Latches that close tightly and do not rattle
Aluminum Piano Hinges
Side wall and divider wall vent holes
Smooth, easy to clean interior
Modular design including attachment points for optional accessories

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