Safety Tips for Upcoming 2021 Litters

Keeping your new litter of puppies safe and healthy is one of your top priorities when they enter the world. Here are some helpful tips to make sure you’re well-equipped to provide the best care possible.

1.Whelping Box

The best thing to provide a mother and her newborn puppies is a place they can call their own. Whelping boxes offer a designated space for moms to nurse and rest and a place for her pups to sleep and stay warm. Lakeside Products offers unique whelping boxes and can accommodate customizations for every pet owner’s needs.


According to Angela Walter, DVM, newborn puppies maintain only 12ºF of body heat. While in their whelping box, Walter advises caregivers to set up a heating lamp to around 85ºF for 2-3 days and gradually drop the temperature depending on conditions surrounding the box. Popular supplies used to provide heat and comfort to whelping boxes include vet bedding, heating pads and light stands, all of which Lakeside manufactures.


Maintaining sanitary conditions for a mom and her puppies is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy. Lakeside’s MagnaBox whelping boxes are made with a specialized FDA-approved HDPE plastic (the same material for kitchen cutting boards) guaranteed to not have any cracks, crevices or porous surfaces in an effort to retain contamination.

In addition to Lakeside’s resistant, sanitary boxes, regularly cleaning whelping box supplies will prevent litters from various health issues. A helpful tool to keeping a whelping box clean is a vinyl liner specially made for the box and a combination of absorbent potty pads (such as our Lennypads) that can be changed several times throughout the day. Also be sure you’re keeping the box’s vet bedding sanitized and comfortable as these too must be cleaned regularly.

Follow these three tips and your litter of puppies will be off to a great start! Learn more about Lakeside Products and its subsidiary companies, NorthStar Plastics and Lennypads, today!