Gene Rose

I just wanted drop you short note to tell you about an experience I had with one of your kennels. Back in February 2012 while returning from a dog training session the tailgate of my truck dropped and your kennel fell out while I was doing 45/50 mph. Although the kennel suffered some road rash and was damaged, the dogs were shaken but safe. The workmanship by your staff and the quality of your product has proven to be well worth the money and the dogs were protected as promised. My sincere thanks to all your employees for making such a great product.


Dave Northamer

This month's featured sponsor is NorthStar Plastics & Manufacturing, LLC. Situated among the prairies of southwest Minnesota in the small town of Edgerton, this facility employs a dedicated staff of three full time and three part time employees.

NSP & M is a state of the art manufacturing facility producing a vast assortment of products and molds for a variety of applications. They specialize in the production of animal containment systems for the pet industry. Each of their products is produced using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic which is then welded for strength and durability.

HDPE is a light weight, durable product that when plastic welded becomes as strong as any metal welded alternative. Among the other benefits is that it is extremely easy to clean, it cannot rust, there are no sharp edges and the product has better thermal properties than metal, keeping the dogs more comfortable in changing temperatures.

NSP & M offers a wide variety of dog boxes to suit the needs of any discriminating sportsman. Whether they are looking for a single dog unit or multiple dog units they offer 14 standard models to choose from, each possessing its own unique features and benefits. Some of these are stainless steel hinges and zinc coated lockable latches, grated flooring, drip trays, vinyl covers and spring loaded handles for easy handling. NSP & M also welcomes custom orders for boxes for trailers, storage compartments, gun drawers and whelping boxes. Each of their units includes a limited lifetime warranty.

NSP & M sells their products directly to their customers. All orders are processed by the office manager, Kelly Kortleever. Dealing directly with the manufacturer has many benefits above just the obvious cost savings. "I guarantee that before we produce the order, I have gone over it thoroughly with the customer to ensure that they receive exactly what it is that they require." It typically takes ten business days to complete each order and they are either able for pick-up at their facility or they can be shipped anywhere in the US. NSP & M models are competitively priced with other premium dog box manufacturers.

If you are in the market for a durable, light weight and easy to clean dog box, I encourage you to consider NSP & M and their comprehensive line of dog boxes and transport units; you will not be dissatisfied.

For more information on NSP & M, go to their website at www.northstarplasticsinc.com or call Kelly direct at 507-442-3771.

NorthStar Plastics and Manufacturing is an official sponsor of the Midwest Upland Gundog Series.

On behalf of our members, I wish to thank NorthStar Plastics and Manufacturing and their committed employees for their support!


Dave Northamer